Greene County Historical Society

The Greene County Historical Society, a nonprofit organization, was established in 1960.  The purpose of this society is to preserve our history and historical properties in Greene County.  

There are over forty residences and seven public buildings from the antebellum period and many others from the Victoria era in Eutaw.  Each year the Society hosts a Tour of Homes in October.  This tour features at least four historic 
homes and several historic churches.

The Greene County Historical Society 
asks for your support with preservation.  
Tax Deductible donations can be made to:

Greene County Historical Society
PO Box 746
Eutaw, AL.  35462

Benefits of supporting the Greene County Historic Society include:
    1) Preventing the loss of historic property in Greene County
    2) Bringing the community together in the name of preservation
    3) IRS 501/C/3 counts as tax deductible


<--- Greene County Historical Society (GCHS) Headquarters:  This raised Creole cottage was finished in time for Vaughn, a tailor, to present to his new bride,  Margaret R. Steele.  The house consists of three rooms, a connecting center hall and porches.  The Eutaw Presbyterian Church acquired the house in 1981, and gave the house to the Historical Society.  It was then moved to its current location and restored to its 1840 appearance for use as the GCHS Headquarters.